Conference Speakers

This list is continuously updated. Please visit again for updated list.

Partial List of Invited Speakers (in alphabetical order):

Rabindra Adhikari, Asia/Pacific Coordinator, World Peace Council; Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council, Nepal
Jamshid Ahmadi, Vice President, World Peace Council, Coordinator, ADPSD, UK
Bahman Azad, Executive Secretary, U.S. Peace Council; Coordinator, Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, USA
Ajamu Baraka, Member of the Secretariat, U.S. Peace Council; National Organizer, Black Alliance for Peace, USA
William Castillo, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Moara Crivelente, Member of the Executive, CEBRAPAZ, Brazil
Amb. Rade Drobac, former Ambassador of Yugoslavia to Hungary, Serbia
Ilda Figueiredo, Chairperson, National Board of the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, Portugal
Miguel Figueroa, President, Canadian Peace Congress, Canada
Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center; Co-Chair, Sanctions Kill, USA
Marget Flowers, Co-Director, Popular Resistance; Venezuela Embassy Protectors Collective, USA
Netfa Freeman, Pan Africa Community Action, USA
Chucho Garcia, Founder, AfroVenezuelan Network; former Ambassador of Venezuela to Angola, Venezuela
Socorro Gomes, President, World Peace Council, Brazil
Milan Krajča, Coordinator, Czech Peace Movement, Czech Republic
Joe Lombardo, Co-Coordinator, United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), USA
Henry Lowendorf, Member of Secretariat, U.S. Peace Council, USA
Chris Matlhaco, Coordinator, South African Peace Initiatve, South Africa
YahNe Ndgo, Member of Coordinating Committee, Black Alliance for Peace, USA
Dr. Zuhal Okuyan, Chairwoman, Peace Committee of Turkey
Thanassis Pafilis, General Secretary, World Peace Council; Member of Greek Parliament, Greece
Liz Payne, Chair, British Peace Assembly, UK
Silvio Platero, President, Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberania de los Pueblos (MOVPAZ), Cuba
Vijay Prashad, Executive Director, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, India
Pallab Sengupta, All India Peace and Solidarity Organization, India
Dr. Stelios Sofocli, Chair, Cyprus Peace Council, Cyprus
Dr. Akel Taqaz, Coordinator, Palestinian Committee for Peace and Solidarity, Palestine
Stavros Tassos, Chair, Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace, Greece
MK Aida Touma-Sliman, President, Peace and Solidarity Committee, Israel; Palestinian Member of Israeli Knesett
Iraklis Tsavaridis, Executive Secretary, World Peace Council, Greece
Carolus Wimmer, President, COSI-Venezuela, member of Latin American Parliament, Venezuela
Kevin Zeese, Co-Director, Popular Resistance; Venezuela Embassy Protectors Collective, USA